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Özlem Fedai Korçak

Özlem Fedai Korçak is an author-illustrator of children’s books and also PhD engineer. After PhD graduation she also studied Children’s Books Illustration and literature In London. She started to drawing in the early ages. When she was a little girl she drew the things she dreamed about, and since her daughter came into the world, she started drawing for her. After that, she wrote and illustrated children’s books.

Her published books includes; Nunu, Didu, A Guide to Unexpected Guest, Monsters Have Feelings too, Fart, Just Love It, Simbat’s Spring Song, Papita’s Ball. Her books have been translated into many languages. In her books, she aims to remember what it feels like to be a child. She writes and illustrates the stories of the characters she sees around her and in her dreams. And she thinks that hope in children’s books will makes the world beautiful.





contact: ozlemkorcak@gmail.com

blog: www.miraninsandali.com

If you want to see more about me you can follow me on instagram: 

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